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Auto Taping Machine KS-A07


  • suitable for tape inner hole between 34mm to 77mm
  • also suitable for ferrite taping application
  • two spindle rotating taping type pitch can be adjusted from 24mm to 65mm
  • taping position can be adjusted as well as tension force number of turns etc
  • change simple mold for different components
  • Power: AC/220V/50Hz
  • Dimension: 38(L)cm*25.5(W)cm*25(H)cm
  • Weight: 40KG

Auto Soldering Machine KS-304


  • The core standard parts are imported high-quality components.
  • Using servo motor drive, ensure that equipment is stable, high-speed, long-running.
  • Equipment with replacing fixture structure, machine models can be changed easily.
  • It has double vibration plates, manual, 3 station loading. which can produce two different kinds of products at the same time.

Automatic Spindle Wind Machine KS-301

  • Core standard equipment all imported high-quality components
  • All the main production precision machining cast iron, The whole machine’s weight is up to 950KG, which ensures the stability of the equipment.
  • Equipment with fast replacement spindle clamp structure can be replaced without removing the screw models.
  • Assembled by KINGSUN original multi-axial taping structure, thoroughly solved the problems in the field like failure winding, taping deviating and so on.

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